Friday, April 21, 2017

Update on Faculty Evaluation and Job Description

The Faculty Evaluation System Review Task Force met again on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, and the group spent the majority of its time reviewing, discussing, and revising a draft of a proposed revised DCCCD Faculty Job Description.

The Job Description subcommittee provided the Task Force with the following documentation:

·         the current job description;
·         benchmarking document, with information on job descriptions from 10 other colleges;
·         spreadsheet listing elements of the various job descriptions in common;
·         a preliminary draft of a revised DCCCD Faculty Job Description;

Based on the discussion, a revised draft has been prepared for the Faculty Association membership to review and comment on. This is posted as a Google Doc, so you can make comments directly on the document itself, if you like. You can also post comments in response to this blog using the comments feature below. If you prefer, you may email comments to your Faculty Association President.

P.S. Here are tips on how to comment on a Google Doc

The subcommittee and the Task Force will take all commentary into consideration in preparing a final draft of the Faculty Job Description to recommend for adoption in the District. As time is of the essence, please provide any and all feedback no later than Saturday, April 29, 2017.


  1. It would be helpful to have a file copy of the current job description in this posting to allow for side-by-side comparison.

    1. Was a comparison made to the requirements on the back of our annual contracts?

    2. The post has been update to include a link to the current job description