Thursday, December 8, 2016

FLRG Update #6: Dec. 2 meeting minutes, BRAVO update, Dec. 9 agenda

Those interested in the ongoing work of the Faculty Load Review Group (FLRG) are encouraged to read the FLRG meeting minutes of Dec. 2, 2016.

The work of the BRAVO sub-group continues, and is captured in this description of the members and roles of further subcommittees, and these minutes from Dec. 5.

FLRG next meets Dec. 9, to discuss the items on this agenda.

Questions about the work of FLRG can be directed to your faculty association president, or one of your colleagues who serves on FLRG.

These documents, and previous FLRG updates, are being shared to ensure that all faculty have access to the most updated and accurate information. Rumors that contradict what is in these public documents should be treated as uninformed speculation.

Just as with the other task forces that have been working this semester (such as those assembled to make recommendations to improve Performance Pay, and the Chancellors Faculty Fellows programs), all recommendations that emerge from the FLRG group will be sent to Chief Talent Officer Susan Hall to deliver to Chancellor May, who will make the final decisions on whether to accept or reject the recommendations.

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