Tuesday, November 15, 2016

FLRG Update #4: Nov. 7 Meeting Summary

The Faculty Load Review Group (FLRG) met Monday, Nov. 7. The following meeting summary was written and submitted by Chief Talent Officer Susan Hall, at the request of FLRG tri-chairs Ken Alfers, Zarina Blankenbaker, and Matt Hinckley:

During the 3rd meeting of the Faculty Load Review Group meeting on November 7, 14 out of 15 members were in attendance.  Progress reports were provided by the following teams:
  • Alpha - The group held its first meeting, and has a conference call planned for November 18.  Membership will be confirmed.  Goal remains to propose a plan based on contact hours with equal percentage of load assigned to both lecture and lab hours.  External best practice models are being reviewed.  Team expects to make formal recommendations in early December to larger group.
  • Bravo -
    • Team includes Shirley Thompson (NLC), Margo Silva (MVC), Audra Barrett (CVC), Eddie Tealer (NLC), Kathy Yates (RLC), Shazia Ali (EFC), Victor Soto (MVC), Charles Cadenhead (BHC), Gerardo Vega (CVC), Lupita Navarro (CVC),Don Martin (ECC) and Shane Baxter (BHC)
    • Group has been working through the assigned questions from the last meeting, and have accumulated 91 responses from across the District.
    • Will be using information from Discipline Committees to identify appropriate class size by course and modality. 
    • Have requested Schedule 25 report to consider inventory of class rooms by campus, but information available is not consistent among colleges.
    • Next meeting is scheduled for November 16.
  • Charlie -
    • Team includes Shawnda Floyd (NLC), Bill Hammerschlag (BHC), Ruben Johnson (CVC), Lisa Ehrich (BHC), Kim Lowry (EFC), and Michael Bailey (BHC)
    • Current review of faculty coordinator/chair roles being reviewed, internal and external.
    • Researching methods for faculty load monitoring, whether digital or other method; and whether responsibility is managed at VP or Dean level when scheduling decisions are made.
    • Work of this team is dependent on Alpha and Bravo, and then may need discussion with technology representatives.
Other topic discussion included:
  • Data
    • Richard Plott will provide an inventory of systemic reporting available.
    • Example of Data Depot information related to "Top 10 Classes Taken" was provided and discussed.

  • Charge to Discipline Committees
    • Formal charge language draft was reviewed, with request to the full committee to review the updated information electronically and confirm for release
    • Input will be gathered from the AVPs and final charges will be send out by the Office of Educational Affairs to the Discipline/Program Curriculum Committees prior to the Thanksgiving break
    • Specific requests include: review of current policies and practices regarding class size, review of correlation of class size to student success, bench marking with other like institutions, and formal recommendation on section size/enrollment caps by course, by January 25.

  • Communication
    • Continue to share notes widely.
    • Post a blog update via Faculty web and Talent Central.
    • Use the team site on the DCCCD portal.
    • Request a lead story on the work in a future e-newsletter.
    • Encourage continued efforts by Vice Presidents and Presidents to raise awareness of the issues and intent of review.
The next meeting is planned for November 21.

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