Thursday, October 27, 2016

Update on SB 11, Concealed Carry

On October 12, 2016, the Presidents of all seven colleges were notified by Rob Wendland that a District Office committee has been formed to address concerns about SB 11, the concealed carry law. The Presidents were asked to put forward the names of people who could serve on campus committees, which will be formed in order to provide input to the district group. Per the Chancellor’s directive, this is to be an advisory group, and the intent is to develop one policy for the entire DCCCD rather than separate policies for each college.

Copied here is a portion of the email from Rob Wendland, so that you can see the intended plan and the membership of the district committee

            The Concealed Carry Committee at the District Office has begun meeting in an effort to assimilate information and resources, and provide a framework and process, to ensure that the District is prepared to meet its obligations under Senate Bill 11 (commonly referred to as Campus Carry).  The law, which takes effect for the District on August 1, 2017, requires the District to establish and promulgate reasonable rules and regulations, after consultation with students, faculty and staff, for the concealed carry of handguns by license holders in college buildings and facilities.  In order to develop these rules and regulations, including identification of those areas where handguns may not be carried, the District’s Concealed Carry Committee will work in collaboration with Concealed Carry Committees at each of the Colleges to gather input and information from students, faculty and staff, which will be assimilated and provide the basis for recommendations by the Chancellor to the Board of Trustees.  

The District Concealed Carry Committee is currently comprised of:

Rob Wendland, General Counsel
Tricia Horatio, Assistant General Counsel
Justin Lonon, Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff
Issac Faz, Associate Vice Chancellor, Public and Governmental Affairs
Lauretta Hill, Commissioner of Public Safety and Security
Brigham Wilcoxson, District Emergency Manager
Richard Plott, District Director, Institutional Research
Georgeann Moss, District Director, Internet Publishing
Jasmond Anderson, Facilities Design Specialist
Matt Hinckley, President, Faculty Council
Brenda Welcome, President, Professional Support Staff 
Kent Seaver, President, Administrator Council

Liaisons from each of the colleges should have already been identified (the requested deadline was Oct. 25). Please check with your FA officers for more details.

About the district committee, Rob Wendland further indicated that: 

We are working on a District web page which will serve as a repository of information and resources related to concealed carry on campus.  We are also endeavoring to create one or more survey instruments which will be sent anonymously to students, faculty and staff, seeking information and input regarding the issues related to concealed carry on campus.  We are also working with our peer institutions and other colleges and universities which have already addressed, or are currently addressing, concealed carry on campus rules, regulations and issues.

Each college's Concealed Carry Committee will be assisting is developing methods for gathering feedback--including town hall forums and surveys. The membership of each college's committee is supposed to be identified no later than December 5, 2016. Please consult with the VPI or President for an update on the status of this at your college.  

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