Thursday, October 27, 2016

Update on DCCCD Faculty Hiring Process Taskforce

The DCCCD Faculty Hiring Process Taskforce met Oct. 12, 2016 to begin discussing its charges and the work that needed to be done this semester. The Taskforce is being co-chaired by Dr. Jean Conway (EFC) and Dr. Matthew Henry (RLC); the full membership of the Taskforce is noted in this linked document.
Dr. Conway began with sharing the charges to the group, the most current HROG on the Faculty Hiring Process (dated 2009), and an existing Operational Memo from Eastfield College on the hiring process. Shaun Gilligan (CVC) shared the draft of the DCCCD Faculty Hiring Process developed by TILT (The Instructional Leadership Team) last year, as well as an old organizational chart (dated 1997). The members of the taskforce were asked to review this material prior to the next meeting.
The group brainstormed a list of existing problems with the hiring process and then organized these into potential areas of focus. The group identified six areas for subgroups to further research: Recruitment, Search Team process, Internal Transfer process, Onboarding, Credentialing, and Tools & Timeline.

The subgroups for each area are to research existing policies and processes, benchmark with other institutions for best practices, gather input from colleagues at all seven colleges, and then provide a summary report for the taskforce by November 4. The next taskforce meeting is scheduled for November 18. 

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