Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chancellors Faculty Fellows Task Force offers proposed program revisions for feedback


The Chancellors Faculty Fellows Task Force met Oct. 17 to prepare a document that reflected the various comments, concerns, and suggestions that faculty and instructional leaders submitted to improve the Chancellors Faculty Fellows program.

Please thoroughly read the most recent recommendations document available at this link, (and this Board policy document, this description of the Chancellors Faculty Fellows program as it existed in its pilot year, and this credentialing matrix) and submit your comments, questions, and suggestions, via this online feedback form, between Oct. 24 and 28. Your comments do not require a login, and remain anonymous.

The Task Force will meet again Oct. 31 to consider feedback received between Oct. 24 and 28, and will prepare a revised set of recommendations for co-chairs Dr. Jose Adames (El Centro College president) and Matt Hinckley (Eastfield faculty/DCCFA president) to present to Chancellor's Staff on Nov. 7. Other members of the Chancellors Faculty Fellows Task Force are Phillip Ortiz (EFC), Johnnie Bellamy (EFC), Mary Mallard (CVC), Lori Doddy (MVC), Jessie Yearwood (ECC), Beth Stall (ECC), Matthew Henry (RLC), Martha Hogan (RLC), Czarina Reyes (BHC), and Sharon Blackman (DO).

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