Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sabbatical Information, Fall 2016

The District Faculty Council asked veteran faculty member Delryn Fleming to conduct a workshop on sabbaticals, and she graciously agreed to do so.

The workshop will focus on writing effective sabbatical proposals and completing the necessary paperwork. This is an opportunity for those interested in applying for a sabbatical as well as those who simply wish to know more about the process.

The workshop is scheduled for Thursday, September 15, from 1-2:30 pm, and will be held in the Hoblitzelle Auditorium at the Bill J. Priest Institute (1402 N Corinth St Rd Dallas, TX 75215).

As a reminder, sabbatical proposals are due to the District Office no later than Sunday, November 13, 2016. One electronic copy should be sent to Beth Shepard; electronic copies should also be sent to both Dan Dao and Matt Hinckley.

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