Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Poverty and Educational Attainment in the City of Dallas

During the Sept. 19 meeting with his cabinet, at which the DCCFA is represented by its president, Chancellor Joe May discussed the inextricably linked endemic issues of poverty and educational attainment in the City of Dallas. This PDF document has several maps that show how poverty has increased significantly, as educational attainment has declined, in several areas of Dallas.

Dr. May said that his focus is aligning the DCCCD network, our partners in K-12 education, industry, destination transfer universities, community groups, and nontraditional educational providers, into a network that can begin to address the poverty and the mismatch between the skills of the current workforce (including the unemployed) and the needs of employers.

Faculty by necessity must play a role in creating and redesigning programs that can move citizens into jobs that pay wages that will lift them and their families out of poverty. The faculty council takes seriously its role in ensuring faculty are engaged in high-level discussions with members of the chancellors cabinet, and to build bridges between our District senior leaders, and faculty at the various DCCCD colleges.

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