Monday, September 19, 2016

Information on Chancellors Faculty Fellows Task Force

After much constructive dialogue among the DCCFA Faculty Council, academic vice presidents and deans, and Chief Talent Officer Susan Hall, the purpose, expectations, timeline, authority/responsibilities, membership, and first meetings, for the Chancellors Faculty Fellows task force have been identified. 


  • To identify opportunities to improve student success, through the recruitment, selection and hiring of educationally qualified individual who have made a declared interest in teaching through their application to the program, but have no full-time higher education teaching experience, with a goal of improving the diversity of the full-time faculty work force to more closely mirror the diversity of the DCCCD student population served.
  • To review the pilot year’s procedures and timeline, and make recommendations for systemic improvements in the 2016-2017 program.
  • To identify barriers to hiring and make recommendations to remove those barriers for Fellows’ candidates.
  • To review “boot camp” curriculum and make recommendations for improvement.

The following considerations are not to be revised or removed from the program for 2016-2017:
·         The program will include the development of a single pool of candidates, initially vetted by Talent Central, using the grid of education requirements by degree, as developed by the Vice Presidents’ Council in 2015-2016.
·         A 10 day “boot camp,” beginning on or about August 1, and coordinated by Talent Central/Development will be a required activity by all Fellows. Fellows will be compensated equivalent to teaching a 3-credit hour course.
·         Load will be capped for Fellows at 80% for the first year of employment, and no extra-service within the District can be contracted with the individual during the initial year of employment.
·         A formally assigned and trained DCCCD mentor will be provided for the first two years of employment.
September/October 2016: Review and discussion; development of executive summary
November 1: Executive summary to Chancellor’s Executive Staff for review and reaction – via El Centro President Jose Adames
November 15: Announcement of 2016-2017 program guidelines
The Chancellor is the final decision-maker on the overall project impacts – with input from the Executive Staff.
The accountability lead for this assignment is President Jose Adames who is accountable for leading the work of the task force in meeting the purposes outlined, and in working closely with assigned faculty leadership (District Faculty Association President Matt Hinckley) in attaining broad input.
President Adames acts as the liaison among the Chancellor, CHEX and the Task Force during the course of the project.
The Task Force is responsible for organizing and presenting the executive summary, and delivering all related documentation developed as a part of the discussion to President Adames, who acts on behalf of the Chancellor and Executive Staff.

The Task Force must develop a method for gathering input from a broad representation of DCCCD faculty, staff and administrators, and conduct at least one “town hall” discussion on topic (electronically or in person) in advance of the presentation of the group’s final report.

Co-chairs: Jose Adames, Matt Hinckley
Members: Lori Doddy, Matthew Henry, Jessie Yearwood, Sharon Blackman, Beth Stall, Martha Hogan, Johnnie Bellamy, Phillip Ortiz, Henry Martinez, Bethany Pereira

First Meeting:
The Task Force will convene for the first time on Thursday, Sept. 29.

This DCCFA Faculty Council believes this Task Force and process are an excellent opportunity for instructional leaders – faculty, deans, and vice presidents – to implement significant improvement in the Chancellors Faculty Fellows program. The Faculty Council will keep faculty apprised of developments, and solicit input and suggestions from faculty, throughout the process.

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