Tuesday, September 6, 2016

DCCCD Board of Trustees approves budget, including raises for 2016-2017

The DCCCD Board of Trustees voted Sept. 6 to approve a tax rate and budget that would address numerous priorities, including the following adjustments to faculty salaries:

1. A $50 increase in the extra service/adjunct rate to $2,324 per 3-hour course;

2. A 3% "milestone increase" at 25 years of full-time service for faculty in Range 3 or Range 4 (this would apply to faculty hired to start in September 1991);

3. Fully fund the milestone increases for 3 years (hire date in September 2013), 10 years (hire date in September 2006), 15 years (hire date in September 2001), and 20 years (hire date in September 1996), of full time service, which were approved in September 2015 (benefitting 48 faculty this year);

4. Fully fund the successful Pay for Performance projects from Spring 2016 PPI pilot (benefitting 61 faculty this year);

5. Base salary increase of $1,600 for all full-time faculty hired before June 1, 2016;

6. Additional base salary increase of $795 for full-time faculty hired between 9/1/1981 and 9/1/2006, to alleviate compression of salaries of faculty hired during that time (benefitting approximately 322 faculty).

The DCCFA faculty council congratulates and thanks the Board of Trustees for taking this courageous step to address our numerous priorities, and thanks Chancellor May and the chancellors cabinet for their work in explaining our needs to the Board.

For previous background information, see this and this Advance Blog post.

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