Monday, August 22, 2016

DISD Academies Update

From Patti Burks, 8/22/16:

Professional Development
A professional development seminar was held on August 10th with over 120 participants. 

An eCampus community site has been created that includes the presentations from the professional development, DCCCD and DISD policies and procedures for all dual credit faculty, checklists and contact information.

To access the information: 
    1. Login to eCampus
         If you do not have an eCampus login, use the guest login username: dcccd-echs password: guest2016
    2. Click on the Community Tab
    3. Enter “dual credit” into the Organization Search box
    4. Click on the DCCCD-ECHS-DUAL-CREDIT community 
You will have the opportunity to self-enroll to see all of the information.
Please share this with all DISD Academy, ECHS and dual credit adjunct faculty.
The budget includes funding for professional development in future semesters.

Curriculum committee charges will include DISD Academy curriculum review for course alignments and pathways. These will be presented at the Curriculum Workshop on August 24th.

Community Partners
Industry partners have been identified for all of the academies. Agreements and next steps are in progress.
Additional meetings have been scheduled with 4 year colleges and universities to discuss articulation of the AAS degrees to BAAS degrees.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Patti Burks
Professor, Computer Technology
Brookhaven College

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