Thursday, July 21, 2016

July 21-22 DCCCD Board of Trustees Work Sessions expected to present preliminary 2016-2017 budget

Chancellor Joe May is briefing the DCCCD Board of Trustees in a series of work sessions on Thursday, July 21, and Friday, July 22, at District Office (agendas in the date links). Faculty are encouraged to tune in to the live webcast to learn more about the strategic and budget implications of the DCCCD Higher Education Network. The live webcast can be found at Click “Watch Events.” Type “dcccd” in the search field on the page. If the stream is broadcasting, it will appear first in the list of viewer windows, and you can click it to allow to play on your computer. Previously recorded portions of the work sessions (and prior board meetings and work sessions) also are available for viewing. You also may download the Livestream app on your iPad or mobile device.

According to the agenda for the July 22 work session, an updated revenue projection and preliminary budget for 2016-2017 will be presented to the Board, which may include details on proposed compensation adjustments. If any information affecting faculty compensation is presented, it will be shared in a subsequent post on the DCCFA Advance Blog.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

District Curriculum Workshop, August 24, 2016

From Anna Mays, Associate Vice Chancellor for Educational Policy & Student Success:

"Achieving the 60X30TX and DCCCD Strategic Goals: It's All About Curriculum Pathways and the Network!"  

This year’s District Curriculum Workshop has a new format! It will include:
  • Updates on innovations,
  • Updates on high school to college to university educational and career pathways (that lead to employment and living wages for our students), and
  • Discipline and program committee meetings will close out the day.
During the workshop, attendees will participate in interactive sessions related to: 1.) The curriculum process, 2.) Educational pathways and guidelines for Liberal Arts, 3.) Educational  pathways  and guidelines  for Career and Technical Education awards and 4.)  New Compliance Issues in Continuing Education programs and courses.  These interactive sessions are designed to provide:

  • An overview of the curriculum process,
  • DCCCD, THECB, SACSCOC and other governing agency guidelines, rules and regulations,
  • THECB and legislative updates, and
  • Process timelines and new initiatives on the horizon. 
Discipline committee chairs, co-chairs, liaison deans, members, faculty, college curriculum committees, deans, administrators and staff who work directly with curriculum and instructional matters are encouraged to attend the workshop.

All discipline and curriculum committees are encouraged to host their first committee meeting in the afternoon immediately following the workshop to discuss any recommendations for curriculum changes that may be needed in their respective areas.  Rooms will be reserved and available to accommodate each discipline committee.


·         Log on to eConnect as and “Employee” and choose  register for Staff Enrichment
·         Term dropdown menu: Term Summer 2016
·         Course dropdown menu: XPDL Misc. Professional Development
·         Course dropdown menu: 1000   Section dropdown menu: 14501
·         Click submit, select course, click submit

You will receive an email confirmation to the email address that you have on file in eConnect.

Monday, July 11, 2016

DCCCD Colleges asked to lead learning and civic engagement efforts following July 7 police shooting

Dear Colleagues,

Dallas continues to recover from, and attempt to make sense of, the July 7 police shootings, that still directly affect El Centro College, and all our colleges and our community.

Despite being injured during the earliest moments of the incident, two members of the El Centro College police department stood their posts and were part of the initial efforts to secure the premises.

Media inquiries for information should be directed to the Chancellor’s office. In the meantime, we all should be circumspect about we say, and/or promulgate via email and/or social media. Operational questions, such as when El Centro’s main campus will reopen and/or the status of their IT services, will be answered by District and/or El Centro officials.

Counseling resources will be expanded to provide services to students and staff who need them. DCCCD academic and student services VPs continue to collaborate and share resources as needed among the seven colleges.

Our Board of Trustees is looking for the District and our colleges to be a leader in civic engagement to promote community healing in the aftermath of this tragedy.

The Chancellor said this an opportunity for our response to be an opportunity for community learning. The Chancellor said he knows we have many instructional first responders and content experts who can help teach our students and our communities. He therefore invites and encourages each of us to step forward in context-appropriate ways. Because there is no “one size fits all” approach, and out of respect for our academic freedom, the District will not prescribe the manner in which individual faculty and colleges choose to engage. However, Chief Strategy Officer Mary Brumbach has gathered numerous resources that faculty are welcome to peruse, such as at these links:

This is a traumatic episode nearly unprecedented in American history. Not unlike the response to the JFK assassination, how we respond in the coming days will define us for many years. Please feel free to share this message with your full-time and adjunct faculty colleagues.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Dual Credit Faculty Professional Development Information

From Anna Mays, Associate Vice Chancellor for Educational Policy & Student Success:

Professional development for faculty who will be teaching dual credit DCCCD College courses in Fall, 2016, including those who will be teaching at the Dallas ISD Collegiate Academies, will be held August 10, 12:00-4:00 p.m. at Eastfield College.  

Patti Burks and Ginnette Serrano-Correa, two experienced DCCCD faculty, are designing both this in-person and online professional development with input from members of the DCCCD Planning Committee for the Dallas ISD Collegiate Academies and Dual Credit Council and assistance from Dr. Sharon Blackman (Talent Central) and Terry DiPaolo (LeCroy).  Presenters will also include Usamah Rodgers-Muhammad, Dallas ISD Executive Director of Early College Programs and Angie Gaylord, DISD Executive Director of Professional Development.   

Please share this information with existing as well as new adjunct and full-time faculty who will be assigned dual credit DCCCD college courses.  

To Register for the Learning Frameworks Seminar:

Log on to eConnect and select the EMPLOYEE Menu
Choose Register for Staff Enrichment
On the Register for Staff Enrichment Classes screen:
Choose the Summer 2016 Term from the drop down menu
Select the Location: 010-District Office from the drop down menu
Fill in the Course information area:
     Section#: 13002
     Course #: 2000
     Course: XADJ
Click Submit
Confirm the course and check Select Section box
Click Submit
You will receive a confirmation showing that your registration was successfully received
If a potential participant does not yet have an employee ID number, please send their name to Dr. Sharon Blackman at  Information on the online professional development will be forthcoming.