Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Information on DISD Collegiate Academies being launched at multiple DCCCD Colleges

EDITOR'S NOTE UPDATED 4/23/2016: This blog post was written by Patti Burks, professor of computer technology at Brookhaven College, who is serving as the full-time faculty representative on the DISD Collegiate Academies Steering Committee. For more information on the DISD Collegiate Academies, please see this linked presentation that was shared by DISD Superintendent Dr. Michael Hinojosa with the DCCCD Board of Trustees at the April 5, 2016 Work Session at District Office. EDIT: Please see this linked PDF for additional information on the DISD Collegiate Academies. EDIT 4/26/2016: Please see this editorial on the Collegiate Academies from The Dallas Morning News.

As the faculty rep on the DISD Collegiate Academies Steering Committee, I have learned quite a bit about what is going on. Here is a summary of some of the information that faculty may find useful. Some of it may already be known, but I will cover it just in case. Please feel free to share it with the faculty throughout the District. 

  • The DISD Collegiate academies will begin in the fall with the 9th grade class. Each year a new class will begin so that we will have our first graduating class in 4 years.
  • 9th and 10th grades will be taught on the high school campus. 11th and 12th grade will be on the college campus and may include high school courses as well as college courses.
  • Ideally, students who are TSI met will graduate in 4 years with a high school diploma and a college AAS degree. Students who are not TSI met will graduate with a high school diploma and a certificate and then will complete their AAS degree at the college in years 5-6.
  • All instructors for college courses will be credentialed by the college. The DISD is hiring for the academies and will try to hire college credentialed instructors for the college courses where they can. If a DISD instructor that is college credentialed is not available for a given course, then the college will be responsible for providing a credentialed instructor for that course.
  • All college courses will follow the college curriculum and meet the college learning outcomes.
  • The mapping of the curriculum has begun. A preliminary mapping for a 4 year plan and a 6 year plan for each pathway was developed and has been sent to faculty in the associated college programs for review and comments. This is a draft at this time and they are soliciting faculty input before any final documents are produced. This is subject to change in subsequent years as courses and curriculum change and as we get more information from our 4-year college and industry partners.
  • The curriculum mapping will be consistent across campuses for a given pathway. In other words, Network Administration is being offered at 5 academies associated with 5 DCCCD colleges, but the courses will be the same for all.
  • We hope to have this finalized by May 1, so we will know what we are teaching at the Collegiate Academies in Fall 2016. 
  • The high schools have received applications from prospective students and are in the selection process at this time.
  • A summer bridge program is being developed for the students to help them with college and TSI readiness. 
Overall, I have been impressed with the amount of thought and planning that has gone into this process. I have passed on the questions from the faculty and they will be addressed formally by the committee very soon, but hopefully this will help fill in the gaps for now. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and I will do my best to answer or pass them on to the committee.

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