Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tommy Reed - District 3 Candidate

1. Please provide a brief biography that explains your educational and professional background.

I am a product of Garland ISD, graduating with honors from Garland High School in 1978.  I graduated Cum Laude from Stephen F. Austin State University in 1982 with a B.S. in Biology.  Having paid for my own education, I attended Richland College during the summer to take additional courses while working full time.  I guess you could say I’ve “walked the walk,” and I am a product of the system.  I graduated with honors from Baylor College of Dentistry, obtaining my Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1986.  I have practiced for nearly 30 years in my hometown and I been richly blessed by my educational opportunities.

2. What is the role of the elected Board of Trustees from your perspective? How does that role relate to your individual input as an elected trustee?  How would you describe the efforts that will be necessary to be effective in your role – and what has prepared you to be successful in that role?

The role of Trustee is to employ and directly oversee the Chancellor of DCCCD.  It is a Trustee’s role to form policy, oversee the policies of the District, and to see that they are implemented and carried out.  As a Trustee, it is imperative to have an ability to work well with others and to make tough and difficult decisions when they are necessary.  I feel that I will be a very effective Trustee, if elected, because of my 21 years of experience on the Garland ISD Board of Trustees.  I served as Board President 3 terms, elected by my fellow Trustees.  I have worked in an almost identical role on the GISD Board and my years of experience and service will be invaluable in my efforts to shorten the learning curve, “getting up to speed”, and becoming a vital part of the functioning DCCCD Board.

3. What is the role of the DCCCD in the educational marketplace in Dallas County? What is your agenda to continue to improve the quality and availability of educational programs to the citizens of Dallas County?

I believe that Industry Alignment, as endorsed by Dr. May, will be an effective way to determine the workplace skills and educational needs of the companies and businesses in Dallas County.  I will work as a Trustee to see that these needs are met and I will oversee the Chancellor as he makes changes and implements innovative programs to meet these needs in our community and I will constantly try to immerse myself in the functions of DCCCD to ensure that the District’s Policies of: Employee Success, Student Success, Community Engagement, and Institutional Effectiveness are carried out.

4. If elected, how will you advocate for DCCCD students, employees, and colleges, in your dealings with business, the community, other public servants, and voters?

I will continue, as I have in the past, to being a good listener and to be out and about in the community.  My uncle once told me something simple that has stuck with me to this day.  “You cannot make good decisions with having good information.”  You must be available and willing to listen in order to be an effective and resourceful Trustee.

5. What do you see as the biggest assets, challenges, and opportunities, in the DCCCD? How will you strengthen those assets to meet the challenges and opportunities we face? What particular skills and connections do you bring that can benefit the Board as a whole, and by extension the DCCCD?

Most may not realize that 1 in every 7 Dallas County residents sets foot on a DCCCD campus each year.  Our athletic facilities are open to the public and there are many non-credit courses available, as well as Emeritus Programs that are available to our Seniors.  We have one of the best community college systems in the state and in the country.  We have a great staff and we serve the needs of almost 90,000 students each semester and we do it with one of the lowest tuition rates and lowest tax rates in the state.  That’s something to be very proud of.  We will continue to be challenged by declining state revenue and financial support from Austin.  We have to look for ways carefully manage our financial resources, to reward our faculty, and to deliver affordable programs in a cost effective manner while considering our students and taxpayers.  Having been a product of this system, I am living proof that our system meets the needs of students and because of my community involvement, I will continue to be an ambassador for the DCCCD because of my passion for education.

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