Thursday, March 24, 2016

Martha Jo Talbot - District 4 Candidate

1. Please provide a brief biography that explains your educational and professional background.

I earned both of my Bachelor,s and Master's of Education degrees from East Texas State University, now Texas A&M-commerce. My Bachelor's is a double major in Elementary Education and Library Science. I also completed a Mid-Management Certification and Supervision Certification after my degrees. Then, I attended Lubbock Christian College and Texas Tech University to complete certifications in Secondary English and All-Level Art. I taught all levels or served as an administrator at the secondary level during my 40 year plus career. In central administration, I supervised first year teachers as well as student teachers for several universities. I continue to supervise student teachers for Texas A&M-College Station in the metroplex. I have a passion for education!

2. What is the role of the elected Board of Trustees from your perspective? How does that role relate to your individual input as an elected trustee?  How would you describe the efforts that will be necessary to be effective in your role – and what has prepared you to be successful in that role?

The role of the board is to determine policy, hire the chancellor, approved budget, make decisions in line with the mission statement and goals, be informed about legal issues, and advise the chancellor. My individual position is to be well-informed in all areas and strive to implement the mission statement for student and staff success. My role is not to speak individually but represent the consensus of the board. My efforts to be an informed board member by studying information and materials will lead me to make an informed decision. My background in education, particularly at the high school and college levels prepare me to serve on the Board of Trustees.

3. What is the role of the DCCCD in the educational marketplace in Dallas County? What is your agenda to continue to improve the quality and availability of educational programs to the citizens of Dallas County?

The role of the DCCCD in the educational marketplace of Dallas County is to meet the needs of those students who for whatever personal reasons need to remain in this area. My hope for improving the quality and availability of educational programs is to find revenue and grants to continue these programs along with media coverage and advertising so that citizens and corporations know what is happening in Dallas County Community Colleges. Partnerships should be developed in the career, vocational, and technological area so that job placement for students the next step for them.

4. If elected, how will you advocate for DCCCD students, employees, and colleges, in your dealings with business, the community, other public servants, and voters?

I feel that I have already become an advocate for DCCCD students, staff, programs and colleges during this election. I have learned much and continue to learn. I am already spreading the word about what the Dallas County Community College District offers! When asking individuals and businesses for support, they question me, and I explain what all the system has to offer. I will share the many positives with businesses and acquaintances in the community. I will strive to build relationships with public education institutions, mentoring programs in business, and strive to build relationships with other institutes of learning.

5. What do you see as the biggest assets, challenges, and opportunities, in the DCCCD? How will you strengthen those assets to meet the challenges and opportunities we face? What particular skills and connections do you bring that can benefit the Board as a whole, and by extension the DCCCD?

In the DCCCD, the biggest assets are providing up-to-date technological training and other phases of vocational training, basic skills courses that are challenging, and the concept of "Schools Within A School!" I advocate a strong media campaign to spread the word. The challenge is to find more financial support to maintain and strength in these programs and all programs while taking them into the future.

What I would bring to the Board of Trustees other than the fact that my background is in education is the fact that I am a creative person and also a visionary thinker. I can see the end result first and then figure out how to get there!

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