Thursday, March 24, 2016

Gene Robinson - District 2 Candidate

1. Please provide a brief biography that explains your educational and professional background.

Master of Arts in Teaching, B.S.F.

I am a 23-year veteran employee of the DCCCD, having worked as both PSS and Instructor at Brookhaven and Richland; I spent 23 years at Brookhaven and have 14 years teaching experience also.

2. What is the role of the elected Board of Trustees from your perspective? How does that role relate to your individual input as an elected trustee?  How would you describe the efforts that will be necessary to be effective in your role – and what has prepared you to be successful in that role?

The Role of the Board is to provide quality education at a reasonable price. I want to return the Board's focus to that end. To do that, we will eliminate administrative bloat and needless spending. 23 years watching what's going on from the inside have prepared me.

3. What is the role of the DCCCD in the educational marketplace in Dallas County? What is your agenda to continue to improve the quality and availability of educational programs to the citizens of Dallas County?

Our role is to provide quality instruction at the 2-year level. My agenda is to put the money being spent back into education and to require standards at all levels.

4. If elected, how will you advocate for DCCCD students, employees, and colleges, in your dealings with business, the community, other public servants, and voters?

I will tell them to support the DCCCD, the greatest educational bargain available today. As long as we have solid educational standards in the classroom, that will be an easy sell, the District's reputation will speak for itself.

5. What do you see as the biggest assets, challenges, and opportunities, in the DCCCD? How will you strengthen those assets to meet the challenges and opportunities we face? What particular skills and connections do you bring that can benefit the Board as a whole, and by extension the DCCCD?

Our biggest asset is the ability to provide, quality, transformative, college credit. Biggest challenge - eliminate administrative bloat. Biggest opportunity - return the District to the level of prestige it once had. We will do that be eliminating bloat and restoring standards. I spent my whole career in the District, I know practically everybody, this is my connection.

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