Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Find Your DCCCD Board of Trustees District; Register to Vote

The May 7 Joint Election represents an opportunity unprecedented in recent decades for voter input on the DCCCD Board of Trustees. Three incumbent trustees have decided not to seek reelection, and their replacements will be elected by the voters who live in those districts. It is important that Dallas County citizens, including and especially those who work for the DCCCD, vote and involve themselves in the electoral process.

If you are a resident of Dallas County, you can click on this Voter Lookup Link to find your elected officials, including your representative on the DCCCD Board of Trustees. You will need to enter your first name, last name, and date of birth.

If you are a Dallas County resident but are not currently registered to vote, you must register to vote by April 7, 2016, in order to vote in the May 7, 2016 election. For information on how to register to vote, click this Register to Vote Link.

Early voting will be available for registered voters to vote in advance of the official election day of Saturday, May 7. You can find the early voting location closest to your home or campus at the Joint Elections Early Voting Locations PDF Link.

While DCCCD employees who do not live in one of the three DCCCD Trustee districts cannot vote in the May 7 Joint Election, they nevertheless are encouraged to learn more about the candidates and help educate and inform their friends and colleagues who can vote.

This map shows all seven DCCCD trustee districts. Trustees are elected to six year terms. Terms for Districts 1 and 7 expire in 2018. Terms for Districts 5 and 6 expire in 2020. Trustees represent the community in the oversight and governance of the DCCCD.

Four candidates - Richard Morgan, Phil Ritter, J.C. Osborne, and Gene Robinson - seek to succeed the retiring Bob Ferguson in District 2, which includes portions of downtown and North Dallas, and the northwest corner of Dallas County.

Three candidates - Dorothy Zimmerman, Frank Millsap, and Tommy Reed - seek to succeed the retiring Jerry Prater in District 3, which includes much of northeast Dallas County.

Three candidates - Martha Jo Talbot, Monica Lira Bravo, and Brad T. Underwood - seek to succeed the retiring Bill Metzger in District 4, which includes much of east and southeast Dallas County.

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