Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Information on eConnect and eCampus integration

Many faculty have expressed concern over students who are enrolled in their courses - as documented in their eConnect rosters - not appearing properly in their eCampus shells. The following message was developed and promulgated by the Distance Education Leadership Team (DELT):

In order to put students back into courses on eCampus as expediently as possible, faculty are now allowed to manually enroll students into course sections in eCampus.  It is important that faculty check the eConnect roster PRIOR to adding any student to make sure the student is officially enrolled in the course.

If students are not on your eCampus roster but are on your eConnect roster, please try to manually add these students into your eCampus roster, using the steps below.

To enroll a student, go into your course. 

•             Open course and go to the “control panel”
•             Go to “Users and Groups”
•             Click on “Users and Groups”
•             You will see two subgroups – “Groups/Users”
•             Click on “Users”
•             You should then see a list of the users (students) in your course
•             At the top in a dark grey area, you will see “Find Users to Enroll”
•             Under #1, you will see a *Username with a text block to the right
•             Enter the student’s ID 7-digit number (available in eConnect roster) with a lower case “e” in front in the number
•             “Role” should be set to “Student”
•             Enrollment Availability should be set on “Yes”
•             Hit “Submit”
•             At the top of the screen you will see a message that the student was successfully enrolled.

If you receive a "User Already Enrolled" error, you need to send that student's information (name, ID, course and section) to the faculty HelpDesk@dcccd.edu or 972-669-6460.  Please be sure to tell them that you have already tried to add the student manually and that it didn't work.

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