Monday, December 12, 2016

December 2016 Update on Chancellors Faculty Fellows and Performance Pay

Chancellor May has responded to the recommendations submitted by the task forces assembled to make recommendations for improvement to the Chancellors Faculty Fellows program and Performance Pay Initiative program. Each of these two task forces has benefited from the vigorous and robust participation of both faculty and instructional leaders.

You may read Dr. May's response to the recommendations for the Chancellors Faculty Fellows program in the PDF document at this link. To give time to develop policy language and budget processes to implement the recommendations with which Dr. May agrees, the Chancellors Faculty Fellows program is on pause for this year's faculty hiring cycle (new faculty to start Fall 2017). The program, with the accepted recommendations in place, is then expected to be reactivated during Fall 2017 for faculty hires to begin in Fall 2018.

Chancellor May also has accepted all of the recommendations from the Performance Pay Incentive task force. According to Dr. May, "we will move forward to announce the 2nd year (spring 2017) of the pilot (with proposals due on January 23, 2017), followed closely by the call for projects to be considered for action during 2017-2018 (with proposals due on March 1, 2017)." You may review the newly revised Chancellors Authorized Operating Procedure for PPI, the Employee Desktop Guide on PPI, the PPI proposal form, and the PPI evaluation form. 

The Faculty Council thanks all of the faculty and instructional leaders who have worked hard on these task forces to refine these programs.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

FLRG Update #6: Dec. 2 meeting minutes, BRAVO update, Dec. 9 agenda

Those interested in the ongoing work of the Faculty Load Review Group (FLRG) are encouraged to read the FLRG meeting minutes of Dec. 2, 2016.

The work of the BRAVO sub-group continues, and is captured in this description of the members and roles of further subcommittees, and these minutes from Dec. 5.

FLRG next meets Dec. 9, to discuss the items on this agenda.

Questions about the work of FLRG can be directed to your faculty association president, or one of your colleagues who serves on FLRG.

These documents, and previous FLRG updates, are being shared to ensure that all faculty have access to the most updated and accurate information. Rumors that contradict what is in these public documents should be treated as uninformed speculation.

Just as with the other task forces that have been working this semester (such as those assembled to make recommendations to improve Performance Pay, and the Chancellors Faculty Fellows programs), all recommendations that emerge from the FLRG group will be sent to Chief Talent Officer Susan Hall to deliver to Chancellor May, who will make the final decisions on whether to accept or reject the recommendations.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016 DCCFA Convention Summary

The Nov. 11, 2016 annual convention of the DCCFA was a success. Faculty are invited and encouraged to peruse these linked documents:

Agenda of the Convention

Minutes of the Convention

State of the Association Address

Communications Committee Report

Political Information Committee Report

Welfare and Benefits Committee Report

Instructional Goals and Academic Freedom Committee Report

Membership Committee Report and Approved Addendum Introduced by Elizabeth Huston

DCCFA Fiscal Year 2016-2017 Budget, Adopted by majority vote

Newly revised DCCFA Bylaws, Adopted by unanimous consent

In addition to voting to approve the motions adopting the agenda and convention rules for debate, adopting the annual DCCFA budget, and adopting the Bylaws revisions, the convention unanimously approved the following motions:

To charge Faculty Association officers at all DCCCD Colleges to review and revise their Constitutions and By-Laws to ensure compliance with the DCCFA Constitution and By-Laws.

To express the DCCFA’s sympathy to the DCCCD Community, especially the DCCCD Police, related to the tragic events of July 7, 2016.

To thank Chancellor Joe May for changing his travel plans specifically to address the DCCFA convention.