Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Fall 2016 Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Starting in 2016, Summer and Fall registration will begin concurrently. These Frequently Asked Questions were developed by Anna Mays, Associate Vice Chancellor for Educational Policy and Student Success, to explain the rationale for this departure from previous registration calendars. 

Why is DCCCD starting Fall Registration at the same time Summer registration starts? What is the problem?

In previous years, students enrolled in Spring at DCCCD colleges could not register for Fall until mid-June, after they completed Spring classes and were no longer enrolled.  Competition is increasing from regional colleges and universities who register students during Spring for Fall. DCCCD college enrollment has been relatively flat.  In an effort to increase enrollment and Fall to Spring persistence, students will be given the opportunity to enroll in both Summer and Fall classes starting April, 2016. 

What is the goal?

The goal is to increase continued enrollment from Spring to Fall of currently enrolled students and increase early registration.

What is being planned?

Fall registration will start April 19 and end Saturday, August 20 for classes that start August 29, 2016.   Students who have registered by August 20 can continue to drop and add until their courses start.  Registration for new students for flex term classes that start September 5 or after will continue starting August 21.  This timeline has been discussed and approved by appropriate councils and DCCCD college administrators.

What are the benefits?

·         Students can plan in advance for summer and fall classes in order to better plan for completion of their program of study.

·         Increases in persistence and enrollment will contribute to the success/performance points and tuition that supports the college budgets. 

·         Faculty and instructional administrators will have earlier information about enrollment trends and loads and will have an opportunity to make schedule adjustments.

·         Students receiving financial aid will know earlier how their financial aid award will apply to their classes. Those not receiving aid will have longer to pay for their classes (proposed first payment due date will not be until mid-July).

·         Advisors and faculty will have more time to help students make good decisions.

It is realized that this means earlier deadlines for posting schedules, syllabi, and book orders.  There is a Task Force on Combined Summer and Fall 2016 Registration that has been working on addressing various challenges such as this, obtaining input and gaining administrative approval.    Please send your inquiries or recommendations to Anna Mays at amays@dcccd.edu.  Additional faculty and staff are also welcome to join the Task Force.  Everyone’s support is needed to make this a success.  Continuing discussion and research will be completed to adjust plans as needed.

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