Thursday, October 29, 2015

Proposed Amendments to DCCFA Constitution and Bylaws

The DCCFA Political Information Committee will present, at the Nov. 13 annual Convention, the following amendments to the DCCFA Constitution and Bylaws:

1. Proposed Amendment to the DCCFA Constitution:
Amend Article XVI – Local Chapters
Sections 1 and 2:  Delete the word “campus” and replace with the word “college”
As amended, Section 1 will read:  “Each college of the Dallas County Community College District shall be eligible to have a local chapter of the DCCFA.  The membership of the local chapter will be composed of the dues paying members of the DCCFA.”
As amended, Section 2 will read:  “Each college will establish its own structure for the local chapter.  Nothing in the local structure, Constitution, Bylaws, or policies may be in conflict with the DCCFA or in violation of the structure, Constitution, Bylaws, and policies of the DCCFA.”
Rationale for this Constitutional amendment:  Due to the creation of branch campuses at many colleges, the current reading would suggest adding chapters on each of those campuses.  That is not the intention of the organization.

2. Proposed Amendment to the DCCFA Bylaws:
Amend Article IX – Committees
Section 1: Delete “financial information” from the list of standing committees
As amended, Section 1 will read:  “There shall be the following standing committees: instructional goals/academic freedom; economic and faculty welfare; communication; political information; membership.”
Section 7 (jurisdiction of standing committees): Delete section f (which lists the functions of the financial committee)
Rationale for this Bylaws amendment:  The financial committee has not been operational for years and is no longer needed as a standing committee of the DCCFA.

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