Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Faculty Council Update - Textbooks

The Faculty Council met Friday, Oct. 23 with Chancellor May. Among many topics of discussion, one topic that emerged was a proposed pilot program that Follett bookstore and the DCCCD would offer a “single fee” bundle of tuition plus textbook costs. Some faculty were concerned that such a hypothetical program would necessitate disciplines to adopt a single textbook for use college-wide or District-wide. 

The Chancellor first assured us he has no desire for the District to prescribe textbook selections. Second, he said that while the contract with Follett includes a provision for the District and Follett to pilot “single fee” bundles, no planning is currently underway at any District college.

The Council was quite pleased that Chancellor May and the District agree that faculty alone are responsible to select their textbooks and other class materials. Any common adoptions of textbooks within a discipline would only be made by faculty voluntarily collaborating. 

The Chancellor is pleased with the work we faculty have done, and continue to do, to make textbooks more affordable for our students (without sacrificing academic standards), and he encouraged us to continue to do so.

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