Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September is a great time to join or renew your membership in DCCFA

Today's rain breaks the heat wave. The first week hustle gives way to the high of the still-new semester. We're back in our classrooms, labs and shops. Our students are engaged and excited, and we have not yet been deluged with committee work. We are happy to see our colleagues after a summer break. It's the sweet spot of year.

The Faculty Council hopes you are taking this time to work ahead on a few things. Make sure your IAP is up to date. If you are in your "formal year," schedule your class visit with your dean. Make sure your Spring 2016 schedule is to your liking. And renew your membership in the faculty association.

Joining your faculty association is the means by which you participate in the shared governance of your college and the DCCCD. Maintaining your membership provides a resource for you to resolve conflicts and improve communication and collaboration, both among faculty and with our administration. We support members in meaningful professional development. We secure better salaries and working conditions. We ensure academic freedom. We provide legal consultation on contractual issues through our significant legal defense fund.

Faculty at other community colleges throughout Texas marvel at the solidarity and strength the DCCFA has built since 1977.

Last year, 92% of District faculty joined DCCFA. We hope everyone will join this year. The greater our numbers, the stronger our voice is in the decisions being made at our colleges and in the District.

Rather than wait until the last minute, please consider joining or renewing your membership now.

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