Thursday, September 3, 2015

DCCFA seeks faculty input on issues raised in the wake of the Sept. 1 Board of Trustees meeting

Dear faculty,

As most of us now know, the DCCCD Board of Trustees on Sept. 1 approved a new compensation model for faculty in which all faculty will receive, at a minimum, a 3% increase in base salary, and many will receive an increase of 5% or more. The Board also voted to create the Chancellors Faculty Fellows program (to replace the Visiting Scholar program), to create a performance pay incentive plan, and to amend policy pertaining to initial placement on the salary schedule

As District Faculty Council President Fred Newbury wrote in this Sept. 2 entry, “This (salary increase) is one of the most significant improvements that we have seen in a number of years, although there were provisions that cause concern. Virtually all of the recommendations made by the (DCCFA) Welfare and Benefits Committee last spring were approved but there is still a great deal of work to do. We must have a compensation system that will allow us to attract and retain the best faculty. We have a commitment from Chancellor May that these efforts will continue and that conversation about compensation will resume in January.”

It is helpful to understand that the Board of Trustees, elected by the voters of Dallas County, sets the policy and votes on policy changes for the DCCCD. How those policies are implemented and promulgated through operational guidelines, processes, and practices, is the responsibility of the Chancellor and his subordinates in the District Office and at the colleges. The District Faculty Council participates in the shared governance of the DCCCD by continuously engaging in dialogue with the Chancellor, vice chancellors, college presidents, and vice presidents, on these issues.

Among the things on which the Faculty Council would like your input during the next few weeks are:

1.       The standards by which eligibility for Performance Pay should be determined;
2.       How the Chancellors Faculty Fellows program can ensure current faculty continue to play a role in the process to hire new faculty;
3.       What a program to replace Visions of Excellence should include.
Please contact your college faculty association president if you have concerns or questions about any of these issues. It is important, though, that your make your suggestions quickly, as we will have a matter of weeks – not months – to provide input to District Talent Central in establishing the operational guidelines to carry out Board-approved policies.

Brookhaven: Bill Hammerschlag
Cedar Valley: Tommy Thompson
Eastfield: Matt Hinckley
El Centro: Jessie Yearwood
Mountain View: Ken Alfers
North Lake: Shirley Thompson
Richland: Fred Newbury

In the meantime, we also encourage you to join the faculty association today. The faculty association is your voice in the shared governance of your college and our district.

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