Tuesday, September 22, 2015

2015-2016 DCCFA Standing Committees, Meetings, and Members

The DCCFA practices shares governance within the organization through informal and formal means. Each college's faculty association president welcomes input directly from his/her colleagues on issues of interest to faculty. 

In addition, DCCFA conducts an annual convention. This year's convention begins at 2 p.m. Friday, Nov. 13, at Commissioners Court, 411 Elm Street, Dallas, 75202. In advance of the convention, five standing committees meet to discuss issues within their purview and make recommendations to the Council and to the convention. This year, the committees will meet at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 14, in Hoblitzelle Auditorium at the Bill J. Priest Campus of El Centro College, 1402 Corinth Street, Dallas, 75215. The five standing committees are:

Instructional Goals and Academic Freedom
·          Curriculum and curriculum revision
·          Faculty-student ratio
·          Freedom of choice of instructional mode
·          Faculty evaluation procedures
·          Professional growth
·          Instructional support service
·          Open hearing procedures
·          Definition of academic freedom
·          Appeal of unfair evaluation procedures

Economic/Faculty Welfare
·          Salary and benefits
·          Faculty schedule and work load
·          Faculty contracts

Political Information
·          Establish a political database of all DCCFA members to include precinct numbers, state representative and senatorial districts, and U.S. congressional districts
·          Establish a similar database of all faculty retirees
·          Generate interest in local elections affecting the DCCCD
·          Disseminate relevant political information regarding candidates and issues affecting the DCCCD
·          Serve as a political liaison to other professional organizations

·          Publication of DCCFA Advance newsletter blog
·          Press relations
·          Procedures for public announcements
·          Faculty-student communication

·          Encourage faculty to join DCCFA

Please be sure to thank the following committee members for their service for 2015-2016, and communicate with them any concerns you have regarding the issues within the purview of the committee on which they serve.
Instructional Goals and Academic Freedom Committee:
Bill Hammerschlag (BHC), Chair
Mark Skorick (BHC) 
Ollivette Hill (CVC) 
Gay Michele (ECC)
Amanda Preston (EFC)
Richard Means (MVC)
Roy Vu (NLC) 
Kathy Yates (RLC)

Economic and Faculty Welfare Committee:
Lisa Erich and Ray Attner (BHC)
Tommy Thompson (CVC), Chair 
Andy Mungenast (CVC) 
Melissa Weston (ECC)
Gerald Shilling (EFC)
Ryan Pettengill (MVC) 
Enrique Chamberlain (NLC) 
Dan Dao (RLC)

Political Information Committee:
Chris Malvik (BHC)
David McCoy (CVC) 
Glenda Easter (ECC)
Glynn Newman (EFC) 
Ken Alfers (MVC), Chair
Jonathon York (MVC)
James Duran (NLC) 
Patrick Moore (RLC)

Communications Committee:
Patti Burks (BHC) 
Jennifer Siemantel (CVC) 
Pam Crawford (ECC)
Matt Hinckley (EFC), Chair
Kristina Manzi (EFC)

Terris Mikelk (MVC)
Nathaniel Means (NLC) 
Erica Edwards (RLC)

Membership Committee:
Sheri Van Court (BHC)
Ivory Armstead (CVC)
Jessie Yearwood (ECC), Chair
Benja Allen (ECC)
Kassi Buck (EFC) 
Debby Sutton (MVC)
Brett Dyer (NLC)
Carlos Martinez (RLC) 

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