Sunday, August 16, 2015

Faculty Council Strategic Planning Retreat

The Faculty Council met Friday, August 14, for a Strategic Planning Retreat. During this meeting, the Council set Fall 2015 meeting dates, reviewed goals from the past year, and set goals for each of the five standing committees.

Engage with District Leadership on the following shared governance initiatives:

·          Meet monthly with the Chancellor
·          Meet monthly with academic vice presidents

Engage with District Talent Central on issues relating to:

·          Maintaining an equitable and competitive compensation structure for all faculty
·          Continued involvement in all policies that affect our work environment
·          Help to develop guidelines for performance pay

Engage with District Educational Policy leadership on the following academic issues:

·          Maintaining academic standards
·          Ensure faculty leadership of curriculum

Engage with DCCCD Retirees Association to:

·          Provide pertinent information relative to all local and state elections
·          Host campus forums for candidates for local and state office

Engage with the faculty through:

·          Regular updates on the DCCFA Advance Blog
·          Get 95% of all DCCCD faculty to join DCCFA
·          Each campus reaches 90% membership
·          Conduct and review a climate survey

Engage with college leadership through:

·          Regular meetings with college presidents
·          Regular meetings with vice presidents

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